How to upload a Multitrack and have it split into song parts (Chorus, bridge etc)

Prime App


over 5 years ago (edited)

I recently tried to upload a Multitrack file that was purchased on the Multitracks site. It uploaded fine and and has all instruments. The problem I'm having is that the audio is one big file and is not split to song parts so I'm not able to jump to a specific part of a song when I want, like I can with songs I purchased from the loopcommunity website. Can anyone help? Thanks

over 5 years ago

They should make an software update about that, many people waiting for this like me. Please solve this problem, so we can use The App more effective on stage, thank you.

about 5 years ago

This isn't a feature, and probably one of my biggest gripes of the Prime App. LC's staff has gone on record here in the boards to say they want people to buy from Loop Community and support it's contributors. This feature is something they want to add at some point in the future, but has yet to be released. Until then, their recommendation is to continue to buy only from LC.

about 5 years ago

Hi Donnie, Thanks for your thoughts and your encouragement. We've been very clear that Custom Section Markers is a feature that is coming. We're in the final stages of beta testing it right now. It's a very complicated feature because everyones way of exporting tracks is different. We're almost finished with our Beta testing and will release it soon to the public. We want to make sure it's rock solid before we release it. I hope this addresses your concerns. Feel free to call us - we're always here to help. 312.LOOP.312 Matt

about 5 years ago

That is awesome news! It is not just important because of the ability to loop back to a chorus or bridge. It also makes it very easy to see a visual of the song layout and to know where you are going next when playing live. Keep up the good work, I can't wait!!! Please, please hurry! Roger

about 5 years ago

If anyone wants to be added to the BETA version of Custom Section Markers, shoot an email to with your username.