iConnect 2



almost 4 years ago (edited)

Anyone else having trouble using the iConnect 2? Last weekend, I was using Prime and my tracks froze at the start of service. LC support suggested that it may be the iConnect and that some are having issues with it. I went out and got the Apple camera connection kit and hooked up my Looptimus with that. It seemed to work a LOT better. I was bummed, though, because with the iConnect interface, you can do much more, like have 4 different outputs for instruments or plug in 2 different iPads. Any discussions or suggestions would be helpful. What are you all using for interfaces? Have you had issues with the Prime app freezing on you and how did you fix it?

almost 4 years ago

Hi. I use the Alesis io4 4 channel output sound interface. Very cheap piece of kit, but i have had no problems with it whatsoever. I use prime for the multitracks running in stereo with click in channel 3. I use Onsong to run chord charts, send midi to Prime and project lyrics. All from one iPad . Great stuff! I love PRIME !

over 3 years ago

Adam Girvin, this is a pretty interesting setup. Could you record a video of this and post it to our Facebook group? We'd love to see how you're integrating it all together! =) Adam Arnold, as of yesterday (10/3), iConnectivity is releasing new updates for their hardware that will allow for better setup other than iConfig (that app is rather terrible IMO). =)

over 3 years ago

Hey Adam Girvin, am I correct that you're pushing your tracks from iPad through Prime with that Alesis set up ... if so, are you able to assign outputs from Prime to one of the 4 Alesis outputs for the multitracks like with the iConnect devices? I've also heard of problems with consistency with the iConnect devices. Janson Roberts, are there lots of users that are still finding no problem with iConnect?