Importing a multi-track into Prime

Prime App


about 2 months ago

We currently use Worship Backing Band's Transition Player. I am wondering if Prime might work better for us. But I have over 75 songs that I don't want to repurchase. Is there are way to import them into Prime?


about 2 months ago

With Loop Pro, you can get extended cloud storage so that you can import any personal tracks you have access to as custom uploads to be used in Prime. If you want more information, you can check this out here!


24 days ago

were you sucessful in importing your WBB songs?

I have some too and want to import them.


23 days ago

I have not tried yet. I am still trying to decide whether I want to pay for the Pro


16 days ago

I have been trying to import the files into loop community. This is the error I keep getting. I could never get the WBB program to work with an interface more then 2 channels. What interface are you using and how many channels?

We're supporting only .m4a, .wav, and .mp3 files so we ignored the following files: 1 lead vox_02.wav.asd, 13 cues_03.wav.asd, 5 electric 2_02.wav.asd, project8_1.cfg, 8 bass_02.wav.asd, 2 bvs_02.wav.asd, 4 electric 1_02.wav.asd, 3 acoustic_02.wav.asd, 6 keys 1_02.wav.asd, 0 intro_01.wav.asd, 11 click_02.wav.asd, godofwonders.als, 9 drums_02.wav.asd, 10 enhanced_02.wav.asd, icon, 7 keys 2_02.wav.asd, 12 shaker_02.wav.asd.


15 days ago

The files you upload will need to be either Wav, MP3 or m4a, in order to be compatible with the uploader. Make sure that they are all one of these 3 file types, and you should be good to go!