In-app instruments out of sync

Prime App


9 months ago

Hey, David Martin here. I purchased the in-app version of The Blessing a few months back. At rehearsal tonight I noticed that the drums were out of sync with the click. Is there any way the song can be fixed before we use it live in worship in two weeks?

Thanks so much!

David Martin


9 months ago

Hey there, We just took a look at this track and everything seems to be perfecty in sync on our end! Try deleting the track from your device and re-downloading it from the server to see if this resolves it for you. If you continue to have issues with it, send us an email at and we can look into it further!


15 days ago

Hi Matt. Has anything further happened on this topic? I've had a similar issue a few times with drums drifting out of sync with the click on various tracks (ones we've built ourselves, but the track is in time so the issue is not the source audio). I've been using my old iPad Air (2013) so was wondering if it could be an issue with the app struggling to keep up? Otherwise wondering if this issue is created when uploading or downloading the file. Wanted to check if you've heard any more reports of this, as it's something I've experienced a few times.




14 days ago

Sorry to hear you're experiencing this! Have you tried deleting the tracks from the device and re-downloading them to the device and seeing if this has any effect? If you continue to have issues here, would you be able to send a video example to our team at This will help us gather more information on what would be causing that. Thanks for your patience!