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In-ear monitors: What do you use, and what do you think?

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about 6 years ago (edited)

Hey guys! I'm new to the IEM world, and I'm looking for a solid pair to buy. My church is upgrading to an IEM system, so we can start running loops. The church will likely buy "budget" IEM's for the band to use. I'll be leading worship every weekend so I'd like to buy myself a solid pair. I'm looking for any suggestions you guys may have, based on what you're using or have used in the past. I realize there isn't a "best" option out there, being that sound quality is subjective, but I'm looking for opinions nonetheless. My budget is between $500-$700, but I'm also open to hearing about more expensive options if anyone believes it to be worth it. Right now I'm looking at getting 1964 EARS, specifically the 'V6 Stage' model. Are any of you guys using those, or any other 1964 model? Thoughts? Any feedback would be appreciated!

about 6 years ago

Check out Ultimate Ears. 1964's are great too. Matt uses Ultimate Ears, and so does vertical church band. -Bryce

about 6 years ago

I have the JH-Audio JH-16Pro wow great response and that bass guitar and kick sounds fantastic in them. I have some friends that have the lower models as well and they swear by them. Jerry Harvey created Ultimate ears and then sold it and started JH-Audio.

about 5 years ago

I went through 5 pairs of Sensaphonics. They all broke. However, since they are made of silicon, they are very comfortable. I've been using Ultimate Ears UE-7s for the past 2 years and love them.

about 4 years ago

Get a good ear mold made from a professional audiologist and get custom fitted in-ears- they are noticibly better than any cheaper alternative. I now have a custom set of Tunz by Starkey labs, they are so much better than cheaper non molded in ears (I am a drummer btw so I have tried many options over the years) Our worship leader invested about $1000 for his in-ears, and they have worked great for several years- great investment in the long run.

about 4 years ago

I had a pair of UE dual drivers and they fell apart after 2 years then I switched to westones Um20 dual drivers and I've had two pairs of those for the last 10 years. One of the drivers just died in one of those. I have a friend who swears by Audio Technica's IM50 which are about $80. I'm willing to try them for that price. After spending hundreds of dollars on expensive in ears.

over 3 years ago

Man, You guys are very blessed. I've managed to find some O.K. Dual drivers from Amazon. Nothing with custom ear molds yet though as "our budget doesn't have room for any of that ( Not to sound ungrateful. ). " Thank you Nathan, B.T.DUBS, I might look into those Audio Technica IM50's for my team. I am, however paying out of my own pocket for Alclair In Ears. They are based out of Nashville. I have heard MANY great revues about them from many of my friends in the music industry. My Brother swears by their RSM Quad Drivers.

over 2 years ago

Joey I just received my IEM's from alclair, they are the real deal. I went with the spire 5 driver and I hear stuff I've never been able to hear before. I had some Shure 425's that I was using before I had mine made and they did sound pretty good...but there is no comparison with the spires. My advice is to save your money and get the best possible choice you can afford. You won't be sorry...the clarity and separation of the instruments and vocals are incredible. The cost was $850 but I do believe that I'm running the volume much lower now and saving my hearing. That's the problem with cheaper in ears, you might have to turn the volume way up just to hear what you want to hear in your mix. Hope this helps......