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iPad Left/Right Channel Bleed

Sound & Tech Team


10 days ago

Has anyone experienced the left and right channels bleeding into each other despite being panned? I'm running a new iPad Air.


9 days ago (edited)

We have had the same issue and I went home to play with the iPad using a M-Audio recording interface with a DI like we would be doing at church.

I found that I could reproduce the issue only if the gain was too high at my recording interface with only the loop side plugged in. If I lower the gain it is fine. So my thinking is the loop (right channel) needs to have the gain lower. I can check this next week with our sound system.


8 days ago

As mentioned above, this is mostly commonly caused by inproper gain staging. We'd recommend lowering the gain of the tracks/cues and boosting the signal on the Prime device's end and see if this has any effect on the matter!