Ipad running PRIME - How do we get a stereo signal for tracks?

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over 3 years ago (edited)

Probably a newb question. We have just started using Loop Community tracks via Prime at our church. We are sending the signal from iPad to the desk, panning the click track to one side and the backing track to the other. The click track is turned down FOH and up in in ears, The backing tracked then panned to bot both FOH speakers but is mono, not stereo. How do we get a stereo signal of backing track from the iPad. Someone questioned if we could use a cable out of the lightning port for the click track and headphone jack for backing track. Am i missing something? We want the backing track to be as high quality as possible, with the depth of stereo.

over 3 years ago

Hey Wesley, Are you using a Stereo Breakout Cable connected to two DI boxes to send it back to your sound system and in ears? If the PAN button is hit in PRIME, it should be separating the tracks to the right and the click to the left. Then it should play stereo out of your sound system automatically. Here is a picture on the setup: http://loopcommunity.com/training/basic-hookup-diagram If you are doing this, and it isn't working, let us know. Side note: you can't send two audio signals out of an iPad or iPhone. The iPhone will only send the audio out of either the lightning or the headphone jack. Hope this helps! Thanks for being a part of the community! -Derek, The LC Team