iPad with looptimus not working



about 4 years ago (edited)

my iPad Mini 2 does not support the looptimus or looptimus mini with Prime. Can LoopCommunity please update the Prime app to support with iPad Mini 2

about 4 years ago

It should be supported. What error message are you receiving? Make sure you're using an official Apple adapter and not a third party one.

about 4 years ago

Hey Matt. How should i connect the looptimus mini to the iconnectaudio2? I already my ipad running prime connected to the ipad port on the iconnect. I tried connecting the looptimus mini using the cable that goes with and use a usb gender changer to hook the mini to the pc/mac port but prime wont recognize the mini. Appreciate any help here.

about 4 years ago

Hey Tata, I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the iConnect Audio2 doesn't support the same hosting that the Audio4+ does. We don't have an Audio2+ with us, but you could reach out to the support team at iConnectivity to see if it is different from the Audio 4+ or not. If it's supposed to support hosting just like the Audio 4+, let us know and we'll take a look. Thanks for this input!