Iphone 7 or 8 w/Looptimus Mini



about 3 years ago (edited)

Hello, With using prime on an iPhone 7 or 8. Is there a way to use the Looptimus controller and at the same time still have some kind of input to plug grab the audio? Is there a Lightning splitter that you can recommend?

about 3 years ago

Hey Karl, Unfortunately, without the headphone jack in the iPhone, there is no way to split the audio and the MIDI signal so that both work. There are two options though that you can do. 1. Use an audio interface to run that audio, such as the iConnectivity Audio 4+. This will let you plug the Looptimus into the interface and then plug the interface into the iPhone using a USB Cord. If you do use an interface, make sure that it is iOS compatible. Also make sure that it can hook a MIDI controller up as well with a second USB port. The iConnectivity Audio 4+ is great for that. 2. You could also turn your Looptimus MINI into a bluetooth controller with the Puc+ bluetooth MIDI interface. We have tested this and it works well up to 50 feet. You connect it to your Looptimus and then download an app that connects it to your phone. The only downside is the Puc+ runs off two AA batteries but they last for 5-6 hours so I would just make sure you have some on hand. http://mipuc.com/store Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. -Derek, The LC Team