iPhone vs iPad

Prime App


about 5 years ago (edited)

Hello, Love the app so far! Was excited to open my phone this morning and see section creation for custom songs! I am currently using it on the iPhone. I am noticing when I look at pictures of the app, there are a lot of differences between the iPhone and the iPad's interface. On the iPhone, I'm not seeing where I can loop sections, create the section markers, or even see the waveform of the song. Is there something I am missing, or do I need to use the app on an iPad (which I don't have) in order to really use this properly?

about 4 years ago

Hey guys, We're at work now on updating the iPhone version. We hope to expect this later in the summer, but don't have a release date yet. We appreciate the input and support! iPhone update for PRIME is overdue and is going to be awesome! =)