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Issues with uploading stems

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almost 5 years ago (edited)

I couldn't find answers to this topic so here I go... I’m making progress…This time I uploaded a 97MB, uniquely named zip file with (16) m4a stems. A new screen generic label screen popped up which I worked just fine for all 16 stems. Low and behold SOME success…BUT... it uploaded only 6 music stems along with the Click & Cues; 8 total. Now I wouldn't use all 16 in a live situation but I want them there to use for rehearsals or in case I have a musician not show up, etc. So bottom line, #1 it’ll accept m4a files but not WAV files(which I prefer). #2 It won’t upload ALL of even the m4a files. Still…it looks like I’m crawling there… Your ideas?

about 4 years ago

That's strange. I use Logic; exported about 10 wav files today, uploaded as zip, and was able to name all. Wish I had help for ya. My issue is it didn't export track automation. Not sure what to do about that.

over 3 years ago

Make sure your stem files have no spaces in the filenames.