Keeping stems on an external hard drive in Abelton



over 5 years ago (edited)

I was wondering if most people have their stems for their backing tracks on an external hard drive or use their computer's main hard drive? I asked tech. Support at Abelton and they recommended keeping the stems on your main bar drive for the sake of file management. Has anyone run into problems with this? I know it is usually recommended not to keep projects and project files on the same hard drive that you run your software from. I just wanted those what most people do. Thanks!

over 5 years ago

I have both an SSD and HDD in my macbook, and I keep the stems I'm currently using on the faster drive (SSD). I would recommend using which ever internal drive is fastest. If both drives are the same speed, you might get better performance by splitting your data up between the drives. There is some good discussion at this thread: