Key Mapping



almost 7 years ago (edited)

I am using key mapping to assign markers in ableton. Not all of them are working. For instances, I assign song one's click in to the number 1 and the intro to q and verse 1 w and so on down the line. 1 and q work and fire the right section of the song but the next one that works is i and it fires the bridge. Is there something I am doing wrong? Please help.

almost 7 years ago

I don't know if this helps, but once I noticed that a muti-track I had bought was already key mapped. Go back and erase (delete) previous key assignments by the following procedure: 1. Pull up the song and click the key mapping switch 2. Right click each key map indicator(label) and choose delete 3. After all are clear, go back and reassign each one to your liking 4. Click the key mapping switch and exit that part of your session Save Try it out. I hope this helps.

almost 7 years ago

Make sure the Computer MIDI Keyboard is turned off. It's the button in the top right that looks like a mini keyboard. Also, lower case "w" can be a different mapping than upper case "W".