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Producing Tracks


about 4 years ago (edited)

Hello, I'm not to ableton and using the LC Cues. I are trying to use them in Ableton. I have downloaded the free pack and watched all the videos. Here's the problem After creating a new project and setting the markers, I want to set up the cues. I go to the "CUEPACK" folder, open "ABLETON" and I see the option "LC CUE PACK 2.0 ENGLISH". That opens to "samples" or "LC CUEPACK 2.0 ENGLISH.als" Samples only gives me individual .wav files The other, is a template "LC Cues" I want to open the cues but set it up using midi like the videos. What am I doing wrong? I saw videos that have cues as a drum rack. Thanks.

about 4 years ago

Once you open the "LC CUE PACK 2.0 ENGLISH", on the actual instrument device at the bottom of the screen, press the "Save" icon. It's a little disk image. This will save the Cue Pack preset to your User Library where you can access it at any other time!

over 3 years ago

How can I download the free Cue pack now? I'm not seeing it anywhere..

9 months ago

I cant find it either


9 months ago

You can get the Cue Pack for $4.99 in our Shop! There is a video out there saying that we are offering it for free, but unfortunately that video is years old now and we've changed things up since then. However the Cue Pack now comes with a wide variety of cues that are much more descriptive and provide you more control over your guide tracks. Well worth the investment!


4 months ago

Is "Cue Pack" and "Band Cues" the same thing?

Also, there is a lot of talk about Ableton... does the Band Cues work in Logic Pro?


9 days ago

I just purchased the Cue Pack and cannot find where I'm supposed to download it. I see it in my orders, but I don't see it in my system downloads. How do I download what I just paid for?


7 days ago

If you go into your Purchases in your account on, then click the Templates tab and you can download it here!


7 days ago

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