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about 5 years ago (edited)

As a creator/seller on Loop Community, I believe there are some areas that can be improved to protect both the seller and the site itself. One of them is the preview for loops uploaded. Recently, I heard one of my loops that has been posted to my Loop Community profile being played live, BUT, with the "LoopCommunity.Com" tag on top of it. It seems like the preview was recorded, and a click track was added since the BPM is listed. There should be a way of fixing this, perhaps a shorter preview of the song/loop? A louder ducking effect with the "LoopCommunity.Com" tag? I was surprised to hear the extremities people go to, and maybe my loops are not the only ones being "ripped" from the site, but it shows that both the seller/creator(me) and the company are being affected possibly through income lost from such things happening. Hope some improvements can happen. thanks! Jafet Galdamez

about 5 years ago

Hey Jafet! WOW - thanks for the heads up. Our team does it's best to make sure the Watermark is loud enough and consistent enough to discourage people from using it in a Live performance. Shoot us an email to support@loopcommunity.com with more info if you have it.