LC mainstage template



about 7 years ago (edited)

Hi all. Thanks for a great site! I purchased the LC mainstage template - but on opening it - it states that the version in which the template was created is too new. The prerequisite for this template is mainstage 2 or 3 - we've got 2. Let me know what I can do. Thanks!

about 7 years ago

have you done all the updates for mainstage on your comp... that you can do of course? Also try opening a blank template and open the template from the concert level.

about 7 years ago

Raymond I already mentioned this to you but for the benefit of others: I discovered Mainstage 2.1 cannot be updated to 2.2 or beyond. The template needs 2.2 or newer. You will need to purchase Mainstage 3 for $30 (you can't purchase older versions either). Hopefully Logic 9 will work fine with Mainstage 3, but I think it will

about 7 years ago

Yep it does :) I also had to pay for the upgrade a while back, but it's way worth it.