LC Prime, iPad playback

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almost 8 years ago (edited)

Am I missing something? Am surpised there is no discussion on LC's new iPad app, Prime? Anyway, it's definitely a good start, and I'm excited something like this is finally out. First thing I wanted, right off the bat, was a solo button, and mute might be useful, too, but you can turn the volume all the way down easily anyway. No background playback. Maybe not essential, but would be if you are using your ipad for charts as well. Was wondering if if supports multitrack outputs via USB. Would be pretty huge if it did. Definitely disappointed you can't use your own content, but I'm not surprised either. It's probably almost essential for some people, though, even if they are just using cue/click tracks they've made with the LC content in between LC multitracks. You won't always want a multitrack, or one might not be available, but you still want a click. Overall, it should definitely lean toward simplicity, but I think these would be beneficial additions. Any other comments or thoughts?

almost 4 years ago

Hey James! Go ahead and send us an email to and we'll be sure to get this fixed for you asap. =)

about 3 years ago

New user to Prime here and so far I like it...However, do you have any suggestions on how to normalize the volume of the songs? Most of the songs seem to be well balanced, but there are a few (usually master tracks) that will be noticeable quieter than others. I try to set the master level for each song to make them consistent, but does anyone have any pointers? Setting different master levels doesn't always work, and it makes using an expression pedal to control the master fader (for song endings, etc.) harder because you have to hit the master spot "just right" to keep everything normalized. Thanks!