Linking to Planning Center

Prime App


over 3 years ago (edited)

I have previously taken my ableton tracks and uploaded them to planning center so my team can listen to the song with click track through the week. Is there any way to export the total audio out of prime into a file I can upload?

over 3 years ago

Hey Mike, Unfortunately, you can't export audio from PRIME at this time. You would need to own the actual stem audio files on a computer to do this. This is the benefit of having the MultiTrack version instead of the App Track versions of songs. Hope this helps! =)

2 months ago

I'm new to uploading LoopCommunity tracks to PlanningCenter for the Worship team, to practice with during the week. 1. What kind of computer do I need?What kind of program do I need? I did the one month free trial of Multi tracks, but after I uploaded it the team members could only listen to a 'sample'


2 months ago

You won't be able to upload directly to Planning Center from the Prime app. However, if you have the downloadable version of any tracks purchased, you can upload those to planning center as mp3 files. For this, you can use any computer, but if you are intending to use the Prime app, you will need either a Mac computer or an iOS device. The Prime app will not run on a pc or android device. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns throughout the process!


9 days ago

Thank you for your reply! I see many mo3 apps in the mac app store...Do I download it on my mac into a mp3player, mp3-converter, mp3-editor or mo3 downloader... which will be the best, kowing that I need to upload it as a mo3 to Planning Center? Sorry for all the questions!


5 days ago

You should be able to upload Wav files in the way you receive them from Loop Community. if you have the Split Track, you should be able to upload the Stereo file without any issue!