Linking to Planning Center



almost 4 years ago (edited)

I normally take our tracks from ableton, export to mp3 and link them to songs in Planning Center so my team can listen and practice to that through the week. Is there an option to export audio from Prime and do the same thing?

almost 4 years ago

Would be a great feature- I do exactly the same thing (in logic). Janson, check out what rehearsal mix does autocreating rehearsal tracks that auto-import tracks with each instrument highlighted in the mix and flagged as such in planning center. Would be a feature worth paying for, IMO.

almost 4 years ago

I plug my iPad into an M-audio audio interface and then into my computer. I play the parts of my track we will be using for the band into GarageBand and then export MP3 to upload to planning center. It's pretty time-consuming, but it works.