Live 9 - Multi track clips in Session View not playing in sync



almost 8 years ago (edited)

Using Live 9 in Session view with 7 clips associated with a single song downloaded from Loop Community. They should all be in sync when I play them back together and they sound pretty good but one of the guitar tracks is noticeably out of sync and another is slightly off. I have "Delay Compensation" enabled. I have "Launch Quantization" enabled. I also disabled "Warp" in each clip. I am using a prosonus ADAT from USB out on Win 7 laptop with external 8 channels out (not mains). Seems like being able to playback a few clips together in sync would be pretty basic so I must be doing something wrong... right? Any suggestions for this Live 9 newbie? Thanks friends! Steve Carpenter

almost 8 years ago

Check in your Ableton preferences under warping for 'Auto-warp long samples'. This should be turned off. If it was on, you need to delete the .asd files Ableton created for your imported tracks and then re-import them to a new project. That fixes it almost all the time.