Live 9 Follow Device - Follow Action with Scenes



about 8 years ago (edited)

So you definitely need to get this if you have Live 9 Suite (Suite because it requires 'Max for Live' which is now only included in Ableton Suite). It's a M4L Device that you drop onto a midi track. You can tell it to jump to the next scene/ clip automatically at the end of the clip or jump to a random scene/clip or repeat one. No number more measure counting. The company, Isotonik Studios, just released an updated version of this device that is completely compatible with Live 9. I will be using it to automate scene changes for parts of a song (intro-chorus-verse-turn). When I want to repeat a section, I can hit a button that is mapped to the 'Repeat' configuration until I put it back to the standard Follow. There's a video of the older version at To buy just the Follow device (normally part of a collection of other cool devices):

over 7 years ago

Klye, Are you having any issues with Isotonik's Follow causing scenes to occasionally freeze for a few seconds or even repeat? I have the latest update and am using Live 9. No matter what version of Isotonik's Follow I use, this happens enough that it is unusable for me. Live 9's built in "follow" doesn't do this. The built-in "follow" is my work-around for now, but it is creating a lot more work and makes it impossible for me to build songs that may have a renegade measure (2/4 in a 4/4 song). Sincerely, Joe

over 6 years ago

I'm resurrecting an old thread, because I'm in the same boat as you Joe. Did you ever figure out what was going on with the Follow to make it freeze Ableton?

almost 4 years ago

Mine waits a full measure before advancing from the first to the second scene, but after that it seems fine for 2-whenever scenes. Anyone else having this issue?