Looptimus and Reason



over 7 years ago (edited)

Just wondering if anyone has any usable idea how we can use the pedal in Reason? Maybe like a 12 step? Can I get Ableton Functionality in Reason? hmmm....

over 7 years ago

I tried for a really long time to make Reason work for live use. The only solution I could come up with was WAY too complicated and consisted of a combinator for each song that had Dr Octo Rex's for each instrument, all of which were mapped to my HD500(one switch triggered all of the loops in the 1 slot, the next was all the loops in the 2 slot, etc.). Then I had to split up each instrument track into sections and bounce them to Rex files(requires Reason 7). The biggest problem I had was that I couldn't figure out a way to fix the tempo in between each song. It also seemed that the rex files wouldn't sync well when they were long and included lots of transients. Ultimately I decided it was too difficult and switched to Mainstage. Much easier for me. I was actually more successful using Reaper live than Reason, but I kinda just quit on that project once I had Mainstage. Now if you're not looking to split your tracks up, you could map to the transport controls and automate tempo, then put all of your loops into one long project for each service. But this is also going to end up being extremely tedious.