Looptimus DEF mode "midi note" question



about 5 years ago (edited)

If Looptimus (v1) is sending midi notes in DEF mode, why wont't ableton recognize them in a midi track? The midi indicator bit lights up however, mdi track indication does not. In PC mode it will show midi data received in a track and obviously in PAD mode it will. Here's the rub, I use looptimus to control my guitar effects in ableton. I want to somehow tie effects on and off that I'm triggering with my foot in PAD mode to the LEDs of an Akai lpd8. this way i have better visual aid as to what effects are on. Any suggestions? If the question is not clear please let me know. this is an option I would really like to acquire.

about 5 years ago

In Ableton preferences, make sure "Track" is enabled next to Looptimus.