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14 days ago

Hi there,

I have just bitten the bullet to purchase the Looptimus pedal from the US even though I live in the UK. It's not cheap when you consider the shipping and tax I have to pay when it enters the country. Literally three days after my order you have announced a back to church sale offering a $50 discount. I have not received my pedal yet as it was on back order, although I have just had an email saying it is shipping. As I have not received the pedal yet, will you honour the sale price of $249. I'm not asking for the additional money back, just that you credit me so I can purchase songs with the additional cash. I'm trying to help my small church expand our bit of the kingdom and the songs aren't cheap. I'm happy to supply my order number if someone would get back to me. Many thanks. Nick


13 days ago

Hey there! Unfortunately, we aren't able to apply the discount to past orders. We apologize for the inconvenience, but let us know if you have any other questions!


13 days ago

So Matt, in spite of the fact that I have not received the product, in spite of the fact that I am not asking for any cash back, but rather that the difference was put to purchase songs (which would cost you virtually nothing) and only serve to embed the product in my church, lead to further songs being purchased, this is your decision? As a business man it is extremely short sighted when you have the opportunity to delight a customer and make them a life-long advocate of Loop Community, you instead choose a course of action that offends at a values level. Your advertising talks about helping churches on small budgets, how does this square up to that statement? I might expect this of the world, but not a brother in the kingdom. One's values are shown by our actions, rather than the words we speak. Your decision is neither just nor wise brother. I will leave the thought with you. Nick Davies


13 days ago

This comment has been deleted.


12 days ago

Hey Nick,

Can you please send us an email with your Looptimus order number to support@loopcommunity.com?


- Derek