Looptimus Pad Mode and Ableton



over 6 years ago (edited)

Just got my Looptimus last night and have set up with Ableton. Awesome product! I was wondering if anyone knew if you could set pad mode to transmit on a different MIDI channel than default mode. I have a MIDI pad instrument set up in Ableton to receive on the Looptimus MIDI port, and I also have Ableton set up to have loops triggered by Looptimus. I noticed however that sometimes triggering a pad would also trigger a loop that presumably was assigned the same MIDI note number. If there is not a way to isolate the MIDI channels between pad and default mode, has someone figured out a good way to set things up so as not to inadvertently have a pad triggered at the same time as a loop or vice versa? Perhaps a map of the MIDI specifications so we could be careful not to have an overlap of MIDI note numbers between the two modes? Hope my questions make sense. Thanks, Dennis

over 6 years ago

Well... I should have tested this before I posted. The Looptimus DOES have the ability to assign different MIDI channels for each mode. Very cool! Problem solved!