Looptimus with PT



almost 4 years ago (edited)

I got my Looptimus today. Hooked it up with no problem to Ableton. It's going to work great. I also wanted to pair it with Pro Tools. I go to Setup - Peripherals - MIDI Controllers. It asks me for Type. I have 4 options. Command8, HUI, SurroundPlanner, and mAudio Keyboard. 3 of those type have Looptimus listed under predefined. However, when I exit out of the window, I get a message that states "Pro Tools is unable to communicate with Command8", or whatever other type I'm using. Can I use Looptimus with Pro Tools or no? If so, what am I doing wrong. MacBook Pro Sierra 10.12.5 - Pro Tools 12.6.1 Thanks, Chris

almost 4 years ago

Hey Chris, Are you making sure that the sending and receiving midi notes are turned on for that instrument?