Lyrics and chord chart in Prime Ipad

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about 3 years ago (edited)

I've thinking in a new feature that would be very handy for worship leaders or musicians... for example a button on the app to switch to a screen or window that shows the lyrics or chord chart, maybe on the upload .zip file to cloud we can put a .doc .txt file, and can be opened into prime, so we run the tracks and have the charts inside the app! no switching to other apps on the ipad!!

about 3 years ago

Hi Eduardo! That would be cool! We will pass this along to our development team to look at. Thanks for the feedback and for using PRIME! -Derek, The LC Team

almost 3 years ago

Hi! I would love to see this feature! Chords or custom lyrics page are very helpful at live perfomance

9 days ago

This post is three years old. What's the best practise to integrate the song from loopcommunity with thy lyrics.

I do my very first steps with Loop Community and started with the free of charge song "Amazing Grace". Now, my iPad is controlling the flow of the song, but how to get my chords (in chordpro format via OnSong). Do I need a second iPad to show the chords or should I better controle the loopcommunity song via OnSong?


9 days ago

I already found some answers in other posts:

I will continue reading and try out the options.


8 days ago

At this time we don't have any integration with chord charts. If you are looking for chord charts and lyrics for any of the tracks on Loop, see! They provide us all of the chord charts that you see on the song pages at Additionally, you can use Prime with lyric software like ProPresenter to automate the use of lyrics in a live setting if you are a Loop Pro subscriber. If you want more information on this, send us an email at and we'll be happy to talk with you!


8 days ago

Matt, Thanks a lot for your answer. I am located in Germany, so far, I have not used, yet.

(In the meanwhile, I "found" another iPad in my house. It's an iPad 4 from 10/2012 and I could start the Prime app and play a song.)