Mainstage (LC Template) How to add multiple tracks?



over 6 years ago (edited)

I purchased the MainStage Template and got everything figured out except adding another loop for the same song. When I add another loop it doesn't play back. The Click, cue and 1st loop tracks play back but not a second loop. I would like to be able to have more than one track to play back like bass on track 1, drums on track 2, guitar on 3 ect.

over 6 years ago

Yeah, you can do this.... I have ran up to 8 tracks plus click and cues. What you do is make sure you have all your files loaded in the playback plugins. Click your play button and look at the mappings. What I do is delete what's there then click on the button again and it should ask what you want to map to. This time click on click then playback then transport controls and then play from start. Once you trigger they should all go at the same time. You probably just need to read the mapping for your play trigger. Post back if it doesn't work.... If you can take a video of what's happening and link in the YouTube link that would help a lot. Seeing makes it substantially easier to help.