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over 7 years ago (edited)

Hey Kyle, If I have Mainstage 2 with patches saved in a file referencing .caf files and instrument channels loaded in concert folder that are made in Logic pro 9 can I use them in Mainstge 3? I am worried about upgrading to Mainstage 3 and not being able to use the performance channel strips I made for different pads and things. I also didn't want to upgrade to Logic pro x and not Mainstage 3. Your thoughts?

over 7 years ago

everything seemed to be completely compatible. I opened up my logic 9 patches and mainstage patches easy into logic x and ms 3. I'm not sure if they redirect perfectly. You might have to go into your folder and select all patches and open them one time. I had a bootlegged verison of logic so they didn't switch well lol. But I saved the patches and then just opened them and resaved them. I trashed logic 9 before i even installed logic x.