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mainstage 3 v3.3.1 CRASH :(

Logic & MainStage


almost 4 years ago (edited)

Hey there guys, I'm running loop in MS3 and find that the Mac with 8gb RAM and 5400RPM HDD, MS crashes and needs to restart. I want to do some live work but don't trust it... anyone else have these issues or am I the only one?! TIA

almost 4 years ago

Hey Tim, I don't use MainStage often, so I'm not sure on if this is a known issue. I would recommend reaching out to their support to see if they can help. Also, it looks like MainStage's current version is 3.3.2. It might help to update the software and see if that resolves the crashes. You could also post about this in the MainStage worship sounds Facebook Group and see if anyone their knows anything. https://www.facebook.com/groups/mainStageWorshipSounds Hope this helps! Thanks for being a part of the community! -Derek, The LC Team