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Mainstage fade between markers?

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over 6 years ago (edited)

Hello, I've been trying to run backing tracks in the playback plugin in Mainstage 3. I'm finding that when jumping between markers it is very abrupt and noticable. Is there as way to make it fade out of the last marker into the new one while switching markers? If not, is there some sort of plugin I could get that could run backing tracks within mainstage that has this functionality. Thanks!

over 6 years ago

Truthfully, not really. You would have to create your tracks so that all the sections start at about the same levels, that's only thing I can think of. It's a hard thing to do. You can make sure that mainstage is synced up and that when you trigger for next section that it don't move until the right beat. That makes it a little smoother..... What I would do is have a button for each section of the song and make sure everything is synced so when I jump it jumps directly on beat, which is a big help. The second thing I do is make sure my tracks are lower than my playing. I play keys and run tracks out of same mainstage, this way I can build if I skip to a big chorus or die out a little and let the low loop take me to the quieter parts. I don't know if that helps at, but there isn't any good solution that I know of yet..... I'm sure loopcommunity is working on it. They always have new innovations up their sleeves.