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Make MIDI cues easier to place when zoomed

Feature Requests


3 months ago

I use Prime with an iPad.

When I create MIDI cues I like to have the timeline zoomed in so it's easier to place them in the correct location. But, when zoomed in, the play head is all the way to the left of the timeline which makes it hard to double tap in the correct spot to place the cue. I either have to pause the track early or I have to scroll back in the timeline and guess where it should go.

I would love to see a new feature that adds a plus button when adding MIDI cues that can be pressed either while playing a track or when it's paused that will add the cue at the play head location when it's pressed. This would make adding MIDI cues SOOO much easier and faster.

Even just moving the play head off the left side of the timeline by about a measure worth would definitely help. Thanks


3 months ago

Thanks for the feedback!! We'll let our team know of this suggestion!


13 days ago

I second that. Specially for rehearsals, it's be awesome to have a 1 measure "pre-roll". During worship sometimes we like to pick up from a different part of the song but we have to turn off Prime.