midi map multiple options to one button on looptimus



about 4 years ago (edited)

I have the looptimus and I am trying to midi map multiple channel switches to one button. I have two channels that are on and two channels that are off. When I press the one button on the looptimus I want to turn off the channels that are on and turn on the channels that are off. When I map this, it will work the first time I press the button but then it will show the loading circle and stall for a few seconds. Am I overloading the midi or something? I am using the advanced ableton worship template

about 4 years ago

Hey Matthew, The Looptimus cannot be mapped to two different MIDI notes for one switch. What you'll need to do is group/bus the channels together and have Looptimus control the bus itself rather one individual channel. This will allow the Looptimus to turn off both of the channels that need to be turned off at the same time. You can do the same for the other two channels. Hold down Command and select the two channels that need to be grouped. Right-click and group them, then select MIDI and map that group channel to a Looptimus button. Hope this helps.