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15 days ago

Hello. I have two midi requests please.

Currently you can map everything to midi but the instruments and so on are mapped per track. Global controls like Play etc work all the time. However when I'm playing I'm only interested in the track in front of me, so it would be great if we could change the midi mode (or create a way to switch it) so that the midi note can be mapped per track. For example I use midi to mute/unmute tracks to layer in kick, snare, bass etc as the track builds (a bit like the loop kit). Ideally I would map the same foot control switch on each track to Kick, another to snare. But right now I have to create a bank of switches per track, which is a lot of effort, increases complexity, limits choice of controllers, and also means the user has to switch between banks as the tracks change. In reality I'm never going to use the controller for a track other than the current one, so could control an entire set with 5-10 controls, rather than needing that per track.

Secondly, it would be very helpful if multiple things could be triggered from a midi command. For example, if I want to mute/unmute two tracks together I could map them both to the same foot controller, or maybe use a foot controller to fade out certain tracks (but not all, like the master volume would). I don't see a reason why it needs to be one to one, and in fact I believe hardware midi works like this - a single signal can trigger multiple changes.




14 days ago

Thanks for the feedback. I can see how it's time consuming to map each midi command individually. I'll be sure to pass these along to our development team for consideration!