MIDI Toggle and Latch Settings on Looptimus



over 4 years ago (edited)

I was wondering if anybody has had trouble MIDI mapping the Looptimus buttons to the track activator buttons on Ableton When I do assign one of the buttons to a track activator it momentarily activates and goes off I'm seeing an orange light from the Key/Midi out indicator as well :O Is there anyway to switch the Looptimus from sending toggle messages to latch?

over 4 years ago

EDIT: Found out the problem! In the Link and MIDI tab in Preferences, I have Track and Remote engaged for the Looptimus BUT, when I engage Track and Remote for the IAC Driver, specifically Remote, then all of a sudden I can't MIDI map the track activator Any thoughts?

about 3 years ago

@atagadtad, i had the same issue but I think i figured out a solution. here's a screen shot of my midi preferences in ableton. this seemed to do the trick. I'm now able to toggle the track activator switch on and off using looptimus. hope this helps.