Multiple fx change with one button



over 5 years ago (edited)

Basically I want to be able to set up a reverb, delay and chorus audio effect in live on one channel and MIDI map my foot controller to change each parameter based on what part of the song I'm at (verse chorus ect...) how would I do this?

over 5 years ago

Turn on midi map mode and touch the effect parameter you want to activate. Then tap the control you want to use. Repeat. You can map the same control to multiple device parameters but you can't map multiple controls to the same parameter. If you're setup with effects on a SEND / RETURN you'll probably avoid little pops, get a better effect and maintain verb and delay tails by mapping your controller to the sends knobs. If you have the effects inline you can map to macro knobs or power buttons. BONUS CHALLENGE, if you're using Ableton, you can always have it change your effects for you with a clip envelope. If the chorus comes in at bar 17, the parameter can change at that moment making the transition automatically.