Native Instruments Voices



about 7 years ago (edited)

I just bought Native Instruments Komplete 9 and was wondering, What voices are you all finding most beneficial in worship or studio recording? Please say what "Instrument" and "Voice" you are using. THANKS!

about 7 years ago

I'd love to be able to purchase the Komplete 9 package, but am forced to buy piece meal. I have used: 1. Their free download called "Factory Selection" that has a nice Jazz organ and a great clean guitar 2. Sarbee Funk Guitar 3. Scarbee J-Bass 4. The Giant (awesome piano) 5. Session Horns Everything else I use is Ableton sounds.

about 7 years ago

Alicia's Keys - the default piano is a fantastic keyboard for non-lead pianos Vintage Organs - B3 has a LOT of customization for organs Scarbee A-200 and Mark-I are great electric pianos (based on the Wurlitzer and Rhodes I believe) I program a lot of pads in Absynth or Razor Session Strings we use for a pretty decent recreation of Our God