Need "fading" ability when using Start/End markers

Prime App


about 6 years ago (edited)

Now with having the ability to define start and end, having ability to fade tracks so they don't just end abruptly would be great too. For example I cut off some of the end of breaking through since just keeps going, but now that I have it just ends abruptly since we run tracks so loud. Will there be a fix coming to this soon?

about 6 years ago

In ableton?

almost 6 years ago

Hey Cody - have you tried the fade feature? Does it work well for you?

almost 6 years ago

As far as I'm aware, this is the first time we have heard that it has been updated? Like we have said before, it would be great to have some communication about this :). Maybe an email when big updates are added, or a front page announcement... I will definitely check it out though! :) Thanks Matt!

over 5 years ago

Fade out works awesome. Nice addition I wasn't even aware of