Producing Tracks

Need very basic click/loop.

Producing Tracks


about 4 years ago (edited)

Thank you for your time. I'm very new to clicks/loops, so you'll have to bare with me. I don't even know the difference in those two terms. I'm wanting to create some basic clicks/loops to play with our church band. We want to play a little tighter, but also have the loops as some fill-in sound. All I want is like a shaker sound, maybe a tambourine, and a hand clap or snap. If I had access to these 3 or 4 things at anytime, I could create clicks/loops that I need at church. I have NO IDEA where to start. I have the free version of Ableton (Mac). I have an ipad. I'm willing to spend some money if I need to. I just need some help getting started. For example, where can I even find these sounds? Thanks so much!

about 4 years ago

Hey Isaac! The best thing to do would be to start getting your band playing to at least a click (if they aren't already). In PRIME, you can create a blank click track, input the BPM and time signature, and voila! If you want to start creating your own loops, then Ableton Live has a TON of cool samples inside of it that you can use to drag and drop inside of a new track. Click - just the layman's term for a metronome. Loop - a sequence of sounds or a single sound that is repeated and used in multiple song sections or parts of a track Track - one full song that contains many stems Stems - individual recordings of a single or multiple instruments. (Guitar.wav, drums.wav, piano.wav, etc.) Hope this helps!