New feature request: automatically advance to next song and wait

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about 3 years ago (edited)

Prime Development Team: is it possible to add another transition to the single play/overlap/crossfade list of transitions? It would be nice to have the option to automatically advance to the next song at the end of the current song, then stop and wait for a play command. I had something a little bit embarrassing happen this morning: I’m usually the one controlling our tracks (should’ve probably had someone else do it this morning) from the Prime app, and this morning I had to talk for a couple minutes between the 2nd and 3rd song of our set, with a keyboard backing me. So I let the 2nd song end, did my talk, then pushed play with my foot controller, only to realize I had simply restarted the 2nd song - ouch! So I quickly stopped it, then advanced to the next song, and started. A little bit of a disruption, but survivable. In our second service I got it right of course, remembering to advance before pushing play. But an additional play-advance-wait kind of transition might be a good addition here to Prime. I realized the upcoming crossfade-on-command feature will be one solution for this kind of situation, but the transition I’m proposing would still be useful if you have a keyboard filling that gap between songs like I did.

about 3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Brad! I will definitely pass this along to our development team to take a look at. We're glad you are a part of LC! -Derek, The LC Team

9 months ago

I'd like to second this request. This happens every other week for me. I'm soooo used to using Abelton Live and having this be the default behavior of my live set up that I still just naturally assume that when a song is over the play head will just be sitting on the NEXT song waiting for me to click play. I don't really understand why that isn't the default behavior with Prime when you have a set list.

Maybe as a work around you could allow a midi trigger to be inserted in the song that sends the midi note command the "NEXT" button is configure to listen for --???


9 months ago

Thanks so much for the ideas! I do see the value there. I'll have this passed along to our team again!


9 months ago

This happens to me all the time. Please include this update