New here. Qs about the tracks

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9 months ago (edited)

I am new here. I've been using, but am seeking less expensive alternatives and places that may have tracks not available there. Before I purchase anything here, I was wondering, when you make a purchase here, do you get stems for each instrument, click and cue tracks, or just a wav mix/accompaniment tack? If this post belongs in a different forum, please let me know. Thanks for your help.


9 months ago

You can purchase the Split Track which will give you a single stereo track with all instruments included with the click and cue panned appropriately. The In-App version will give you the track in the Prime app, however you'll have access to the individually instruements from within the app. The In-App and File Download version will do the same, but also provide you with a zip folder which you can download that will contain all of the instrument files so that you can use them in any other software!