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Normalizing Tracks on Setlist

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10 days ago

Hi everyone,

Right now, me and my team are in the trenches of trying to get everyone else on board in our church with Prime. However, I see a problem convincing especially the sound guys with the details here:

I was wondering if there is a feature coming, or that is possibly being worded on already...where all the tracks in your setlist have a set rate of Volume Normalize. Right now, you have to go through the setlist, and figure out which ones you need to turn down, or turn up based on troubleshooting.

This would be great to fix, then I'd be a prime user for life.

Thanks, take care.



9 days ago

I believe it's possible that when tracks come from multiple sources such as Multi-Tracks, home recorded tracks, Loop Community Tracks, the default levels that the tracks come into Prime could be different. To add clarity to this concern, when we play through a setlist where songs are from multiple sources, some songs will be much louder than others in their default level settings which makes it challenging to keep a consistent house and monitor mix. This may require mastering of each song with setting levels that are consistent to a benchmark that you establish yourself. I would be curious to know if anyone in this community has had experience doing this and what tools they used to do it?


8 days ago

Thanks for the feedback! We'll look into this going forward! In the meantime, you'll want to continue utilizing the master fader to accommodate for these types of things. Sorry for any inconvenience, but let us know if you have any other questions!