Omnisphere with Nord Stage 2 and iPad



almost 4 years ago (edited)

Hey guys, I'm trying to expand my Nord capabilities (currently I'm just using the onboard sounds). My church owns Omnisphere, so there's no reason to be wasting that, eh? Here's what I'm trying to do that I'm having some trouble with. 1) How do I actually get Omnisphere loaded onto MainStage and/or Ableton? I've got all the permissions and such taken care of, I just can't figure out how to make Omnisphere talk to my DAW. 2) I have an older MacBook Pro that I can use to run Omni/MS, but I'm wondering if it's possible to use an iPad instead? It would be less conspicuous than a computer at my keys station. 3) Can I run Nord Piano sounds alongside MIDI controlled Omni/MS sounds? Keep in mind I'm just using one keyboard here, the Nord Stage 2. 4) I also have a small Akai Mini that I can use in conjunction with the Nord. The sky is the limit! Help me out, nerds!

almost 4 years ago

Hey Joel 1) Create a new instrument track (MS) or Midi Track (Ableton) and add Omnisphere to that. If you know how to find plug-ins in your DAW then you can load in Omnisphere. It should be in a folder called Spectrasonics. Just do a search on your plug-ins from within the DAW. 2) No you can't run Omnisphere on iPad. It can be used to control a computer hosted instance of Omnisphere but you have to have the laptop at least. A long USB or MIDI cable can help you hide the computer if you don't need to interact with the workstation live. 3) If your sound guy's desk will take audio from both it shouldn't be a problem. 4) Cool. Can use it for extra sound options but not needed for now.