only my click and cues play songs dont play in prime

Prime App


almost 3 years ago (edited)

want to know if anyone could help me PLEASE, I went to LC to make some changes IN THE LOG IN ETCC so church band could go in there and they practice in home etcc using the Prime for some reason after I changed all my passwords in LC.COM, log in information my Prime my sop Prime in Mac stopped working so and logged in new log in information i can see the songs but when hit play the only things it works is the click and cues the red bar does not moved at all , so I removed the appprime reinstalled still does the same thing need help thanks

almost 3 years ago

Hey Jere, If your songs are not playing correctly and the red bar does not move, follow these instructions: 1. Click Add Song in PRIME 2. Hover your mouse over the BPM of the track that isn't working 3. Click the three dots that appear 4. Click Remove from device 5. After the app tells you the track is removed, click the track again to re-downlaod it. 6. You should see a loading bar next to the track. 7. When it is complete, it should work again. Sorry for the delay! If you need faster support next time for an issue like this, please email Thanks! Hope this helps! -Derek, The LC Team

about 2 months ago

The same thing is happening to me except I am using an iPad Pro. I have deleted the song and added it back like mentioned above and it will only play The click and cues. I've also exited out of the app and reloaded it and it will not work. Please assist.


about 2 months ago

When removing the track, make sure that you are deleting it entirely from the device and not just from the setlist. You can make sure of this by clicking Add Song and then swiping left (iOS) or clicking the three dots over the BPM (Mac) and selecting Remove from device. This will delete the track entirely, then you can select the track again from the list to re-download it. Give this another shot and if you continue to have issues, let us know!