Organizing and Removing unwanted loops from Prime

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over 7 years ago (edited)

Hey guys... Is there a way to view and organize the tracks i have uploaded onto your server? Right now if i upload something and then need to make a change i just have multiple copies of songs which is starting to get confusing. Is there a way to delete a track/loop from the server? thanks -jimmy

over 7 years ago

Hey Jimmy, We're working on this and will be getting it out to you guys soon!

over 7 years ago

Now you can Show, Hide or Delete songs from your Prime Account:

over 7 years ago

Is there any chance we can have all the loops we've uploaded to the site made available on prime? My most recent uploads still aren't showing up!

over 7 years ago

Good question jake ^. I haven't had mine show up ever yet. I'm wondering if it would work to load through the prime uploader on the site maybe? Not sure....

over 7 years ago

I do not see where I can delete the track from my library. I only see where I can hide it. Thanks.

over 4 years ago

i've started to upload amy first song and the process didn't work well. Somehow but on PRIME Cloud appears that the space on mb is being used by my song which i can't see !! So i don't know how to erase it! Someone can help me with this? Thanks!