Out of curiosity......For those that run multiple tracks from Ableton to FOH (Sound Related Post)



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Curious how some of you go about gain staging for your live performances from your DAW? What do you consider proper levels? Peak at 0db ? Do you spend much time adjusting individual clip volumes to get the entire set even? Also - curious about sharing some tricks with the group on mixing stereo....(instruments panned l/r...vocals centered up) This could help a lot of new folks.....so don;t be bashful....... SHARE Do any of you NOT have a sound guy stationed at the board during your service ? If so... what are some pre-flight things you do to guarantee success during your service ?



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Good topic Trent! I use Ableton Live -----> Focusrite Interface -----> DI boxes --------> mixer After that, it's all the Sound guys' ball of wax. I remember we ran into problems early on (like almost 2 years ago when I first began loops) where one song was nice, the next would be way too hot, and another too quiet. Now, before ever going to the setup, I make sure loops are very much occasionally clipping (going into the red). In Session view... I found that rather than adjusting the volumes with the track mixer control in the computer, I would double click the clip which opened up the clip window at the bottom of my screen. Then I would individually adjust the track control volume in the clip window. This enables me to keep the sliders set, and minor tweaks can happen later without the problem of changing one track using the slider, only to have to move it again for another song, etc... Sound techs love it because they don't have to worry as much about riding their sliders to compensate my bad mix down. If there's a problem with the sound (too loud, too soft, etc...) even if it's not their fault, they get angry eyes from the crowd. (heh heh heh)

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Currently my rig is Ableton ----> 1/8split to 1/4 ----> DI ----> mixer. Being in a touring band, we have learned that MOST church sound guys aren't properly trained. You get a bad sound guy running your levels, and if they get it wrong it looks bad on you, not them. A home church worship band is different. When we don't bring a FOH Engineer with us we put our mixer on stage and do a really good sound check with an iPad. My guitar player, and keyboard player both have their iPads synced up to run the board on the fly. Mostly its just mute, and unmute. Our tracks are all recorded in our studio, then I import them into my ableton. I haven't had an issue yet with them being at various levels. I do have a few tracks from here, we just haven't used them. We are going to run an interface and do stereo tracks, but its on a long list of upgrades.

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If the sound guy isn't any good, it's not just your tracks that suffer... Tracks split by type (drums, keys, pads, etc.) are no different than a live instrument. They need to be properly treated for the room, the congregation, etc.