Pads and Clicks

Prime App


almost 6 years ago (edited)

I use pads a lot and would like to start using click to keep the band a bit tighter and make I start at the proper tempo. Is there a way to use the add click track feature in Prime to add a click track to my pads? And further, adjust the click track tempo without affecting the pad? I've made click tracks and paired them with my pads and uploaded them to my Prime account but it would be far simpler to do this all on my iPad and have unlimited freedom.

almost 6 years ago

I had the same Idea. And i came up with the following solution. More a workaround ;) Now i have Pads in 3 Keys with 3 BPM's. For example: Key A 80, 100, 120BPM. And i can adjust the BPM in Prime. The Speed of the Background Pads will also change but i can anyway only change them 10bpm up and down. And in prime i can also change the key, so i dont have to do that for all the 12 keys ;) Would be great, if Prime would offer a solution on its own.