Pads independant from Prime

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over 5 years ago (edited)

Our worship leader is currently using Prime and the Looptimus to playback our loops and runs worship team director on his phone for pads to keep something going between songs, and for the songs that we just using a click. He also has another iPad for Planning Center's Music Stand. I'd like to help him get down to the two iPads (ones on a pedal board, the other on a stand). He also has an airturn, with two switches at the moment, and could add two more to that. How would you all go about that? Is there a way to run the pads in a separate app in the background with prime? Does Prime support multiple outs an/or AudioBus? We will probably be getting a dock or external audio/midi interface and could go with a four channel, which would also streamline things. Or, alternately, is there a simple, remote-able audio player that could run in the background on the Music Stand iPad? Any other ideas? Thanks a lot, Matthew