Pan does not work

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23 days ago

Hi there,

we've got an older Macbook Air gifted with High Sierra installed.

We thaugt, we could use it as a prime-machine. But we didn't get it managed to get the pan function work. We have click and cues on the main out.

We have prime 6.1.4(172) installed. Re-installed after deleting the files in the Library folder. System Audio out is set to Stereo. Is there any hint,why this should not work? We cross tested with another (newer) MacBook and everything works as expected. The set was the same so I think, the chanel set for click and cues is the sam as on the other machine.

The Mac is connected to a X32 Rack via USB.

Any tips appreciated.



22 days ago

Sorry to hear this! If you've selected the X32 as your output device in Prime, you should be able to route everything to their own channels. With this in mind, are you saying that all fo the tracks are coming through the same channel and not going to the correct channels you've assigned them to in Prime? If you can be a bit more specific as to where you have the outs currently routed, and how they're showing up on your soundboard, that will be helpful!


18 days ago

Hi mattslack,

thanks for the reply.

Click and Cue are always routed to Channel 1. The rest is routed to various Channels above Ch 1 or we are using the X32 USB Input in Stereo with two channels. In this case, every channel above CH1 is automatically put to CH 2 (prime does this, if the destination only captures Stereo - I guess). The X32 receives this and regularly everything is ok and works fine.

The curious thing is, that the same setlist does not work on the Macbook Air, where it acts as like prime is set to Stereo - but it is set to Pan. So we can here the Channel 1 output on the other Channels as well.

On the other Macbook everything is ok. Set to Pan or using Multichannel and the Channels are seperated.

This must be either a hidden setting in High Sierra or in Prime. Imho.


16 days ago

Thanks for the information. The two settings to make sure would be that in your macs system preferences, the output is set to stereo, but you'll want to make sure Prime's settings are set to "Pan" instead of stereo. Double check each of these things on the device you're having issues with and if you continue to have issues, contact our support team and we can set up a video call if needed!