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Playback cutting out any audio playing - Mainstage bug

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about 6 years ago (edited)

Hi guys, Having an issue with regards to the use of playback cutting out any audio trails/ synth channels that are being played. This has mentioned on a few online forums but I can see no answer and was hoping one of you guys have managed to fix this/ have any workarounds. I've tried everything to get this to work and for some reason it's as if Mainstage has a mind of its own and it sometimes allows playback to trigger correctly with audio playing over the top but normally it doesn't work. Live Set: I use patches for each song which is similar to the LC template where there's a Cue, Click & Backing channel all using playback.. Tests done: 1 - pressing space bar to start playback (backing track) in a patch cuts out any synths/ audio trail playing 2 - pressing a drum pad in the performance screen to start playback (backing track) cuts of any synths/ audio trail playing. 3 - pressing a sample pad on my Akai mpk25 to trigger a playback (backing track) normally cuts out the synths/ audio trail however sometimes this works for me... I don't understand what changes in my set but sometimes the audio doesn't cut out... This is very rare though. Apple mentioned that this issue should have been resolved in the Mainstage 3.0.2 update however I cannot seem to get this to work at all. The only workaround I have at the moment is to add an Intro to several songs that I would normally play synths in before the backing/ cues & clicks would start however this isn't ideal for me. Any assistance would be much appreciated Thanks John

about 6 years ago

John, I am brand new to Mainstage and have been having weird problems as well. Are you using Yosemite with Mainstage 3?

about 5 years ago

I came here specifically to find this answer myself. I had the problem with MainStage 2 and now 3. It is amor inconvenience as I wish to hold a drone note then kick start playback allowing the note to hold over but it cuts dead. I guess i could just samples the playback and play it as a note in EXS24 but that seems a clumsy way around what should be an easy solution.

about 5 years ago

Has anyone been able to figure this out? I am also currently struggling with not being able to have smooth transitions between songs since as soon as I fire my next loop all of my patches are instantly silenced. The only way I'm able to get around it now is to use hardware patches from my MOX for transitions and then back to mainstage patches after the loop is fired.

almost 5 years ago

I've been using MainStage for 9 years but only recently configured it for use in our church with track playback...and discovered that triggering Playback momentarily cuts the audio from synth plugins. After a LOT of research over the past 2 days, I discovered that starting the MainStage clock causes the audio engine to be reset, resulting in synth plugins cutting out. There are a few workarounds (see below) but I personally don't like any of them. The only fix for this is for Apple to change how MainStage operates...the problem is that MS is built on Logic and so any fix is going to require changes in Logic, too. WORKAROUNDS 1. Have the MS MIDI clock playing in the background and start/stop the Playback plugin (or Looper or Ultrabeat) via the Play/Stop commands FOR THOSE PLUGINS and NOT via the MainStage master Play/Stop commands i.e. hitting spacebar or mapping controls to the Play/Stop commands in the Actions section of the Mapping window. If the MIDI clock is already running, you can Play/Stop the Playback plugin without MainStage synths cutting out. However, the result of this is that the Playback plugin won't be sync'd to MS's MIDI clock and that track playback can get out out of time, especially if you're running multiple instances of Playback simultaneously e.g. one instance for Click, one instance for Guide, one for Track etc. Having these plugins get out of time with each other is NOT good! If you've configured Markers for your tracks, these can also get out of time if you're not sync'd to MS's MIDI clock. 2. Patch the audio from external hardware (e.g. external keyboard, sound module etc) as an external instrument channel strip. For some reason, the MainStage audio reset doesn't affect audio from external instruments and this means that you can cover the cut out of MainStage's synth plugins with audio from the external instrument when Playback is triggered. You'll still hear a faint "click" as the MS plugins cut out but at least you won't have deafening silence. 3. Use EXS24 to play your tracks instead of a Playback plugin. However, you won't be able to use Markers or do some of the other cool things you can do if using Playback. Hope this info helps if you're looking for answers as to why MainStage synths cut out when starting Playback. I found it incredibly frustrating to try and find out why this was happening...and I still find it incredibly frustrating now that I know WHY it's happening. Why does an audio reset need to stop synths from sounding? Sorry, but that's bloody stupid.